A Review of the Funny Reign

Funny Reign¬†funnyreign.com is a comedy blog site by Jessica Hartley-Gordon, author of “Never Eat Alone”Barefoot at the Pole”. I also have a personal blog, and I was amused by her humor, wit and straight talk. I did not understand what she wrote about us, but her commentary was surprisingly funny, and she made fun of me for my lack of style in using hashtags and tagging.

It is a bit disconcerting to see that a website with a humorous approach would have a lot of political views, as well. How is it possible to link to a political blog without having political views? At first I was a little upset, but after seeing some of her other humor and satire, I really warmed up to her humor and sense of humor.

There are many jokes in the site, but there are also some insults, quite hurtful, that may offend some of the visitors. However, we must admit that most of them are well received by our readers. While the humor seems to vary from one part of the blog to another, it is definitely worth a read and will surely entertain those who visit it. The comments section of the site has a nice mix of good jokes, insults and meaningful comments.

Some of the best jokes on the Funny Reign are actually from her friends. They really hit the right note with people, making everyone laugh and smiling. One commenter said, “It’s hard not to laugh when someone you don’t know just made the dumbest comment ever. Even then, the person laughing only came from a couple meters away!

I think it is also important to emphasize the value of satire in a satire blog like Funny Reign. It is important that you do not do anything more than an impression, simply because you think you’re clever enough. But remember that there is a difference between writing a joke that might be funny in your head, and writing a statement that can really affect people’s lives.

The site is very funny and does contain a few politically charged jokes, as it touches on political issues in an insightful way. Some of the topics, like gay marriage, were already controversial in the UK, and most of the subjects were not even on the minds of many people. There is a wide range of information, and you can learn a lot about the UK from the site.

People read the site and get to know their own opinions, and even get to know the celebrities. They feel involved, and the site offers a way for all these people to come together and be able to comment.

To sum up, I found the site Funny Reign very entertaining and something that is very appealing to many people. The site does have political views, but not in a harmful way. If we ignore the political views, we may miss the point of Funny Reign.