Hood Cleaner For Commercial Kitchens

In the world of commercial kitchens, hood cleaners are a vital part of preventing fires. They clean out the kitchen hood of grease, oil, and other burnt deposits. This prevents a foul odor and keeps the kitchen sanitary.

Hood cleaning is a task that requires a lot of hard work and a good sense of organization. The job involves physical labor, such as lifting, moving, and scrubbing. It also includes training employees to perform the job. Many hood cleaning jobs require criminal background checks and drug screenings. Some employers even require that¬†Hood Cleaner workers have a valid driver’s license. Generally, hood cleaning is done late at night to minimize the chance of accidents.

Before cleaning, the exhaust fan is turned off. Also, the filter should be removed. When the hood is cleaned, the fan can be switched back on. However, the fans should be checked for proper working order. If the filters are not removed, there is a good chance that the entire system will be left dirty. Besides, unclean hoods can cause health code violations and create a negative working environment.

There are many hood cleaners available. Gorilla Hood Cleaner is a powerful kitchen degreaser that works best with steam temperatures. But, it can be used in hot water as well. For best results, apply this cleaner with a pump up sprayer and rinse it with hot water.

Another hood cleaner is EcoGen Hood Cleaner. This product is made from a non-toxic, biodegradable detergent. It breaks down grease during the wash cycle. It also prevents the clogging of exhaust hood system components.

EnviroSpec’s Hood-Pro is another powerful degreaser that is a good choice for cleaning the hood of your restaurant. This product is an ion-charged surfactant that has excellent foaming performance. Plus, the product has excellent pH stability.

HOOD PRO is another ion-charged surfactant and has the ability to break down grease and dirt in the exhaust hood. It is a high-quality product that is designed to handle the most demanding of cleaning projects. Compared to the other products on the market, HOOD PRO is better for the surfaces it comes into contact with. You can use a mop bucket to clean the hood or pour it into a sprayer.

EATOILS SUPER DEGREASER is a powerful degreaser that can be used with gloves or without. It’s great for cleaning the hood, but it’s also perfect for cleaning other areas of your kitchen. Use it to degrease your countertops and appliances, too.

Finally, there is Premier Grease. Unlike other hood cleaners, this brand offers top-notch customer satisfaction. Aside from providing an affordable solution to degreasing your hood, Premier Grease can be used to protect your entire kitchen from fires. With this hood cleaner, you’ll get excellent grease dissolving performance, a shiny hood, and minimal downtime.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a hood cleaner, you should find one that meets the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96, which is the national minimum standard for hood cleaning. And, you should always choose a professional hood cleaning service to ensure you’re getting the most effective and sanitary results.