How To Buy Wedding Or Engagement Rings

An engagement ring, also called a wedding band, is typically a silver ring worn by the man who is going to marry to indicate that the man he is dating is engaged to be marry soon. In Western cultures, an engagement ring is usually given as an engagement present by a man to his future wife before or immediately after a proposal of marriage. The ring may also be used as a measure of an agreed upon amount of money that will be paid (through a bank loan or inheritance) in case of a divorce or separation. In some cultures, it is also worn as proof of an engagement and as a way of showing affection for the woman the man is proposing to. Although most cultures consider it as a symbol of a commitment to each other, some also see it as a status symbol. Regardless of what your view is, wearing an engagement ring can make you feel more assured of your love and loyalty.

Traditionally, engagement rings are worn by both men and women. Today, it seems that women prefer to wear them but men are beginning to feel more comfortable about it too. In some societies, the ring is often exchanged between family members who are married for a particular purpose, such as because one of them has died or left to serve the military. Sometimes, only one ring is exchanged and it is given to the surviving member of the couple.

These rings can come in any style, shape, and size. Men normally choose from styles such as solitaire, six-carat, marquise, princess, and bezel. While there are traditional shapes, newer styles include oval, cushion, pear, heart, and three-stone pave. For the less traditional or “more modern” men, you can find engagement rings with emerald, blue topaz, pink sapphire, and yellow topaz stones. You can even have an engagement ring set with a wedding band that includes a birthstone stone and adds a roman numeral to the diamond ring.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are almost interchangeable. A woman would typically wear her engagement rings on her left hand’s fourth finger. This finger is also where her wedding band will be located. It was not always this way though, and in historical times, it was the man’s finger that was used for marriage ceremonies while the woman wore her engagement ring on the right index finger of her left hand.

Today, the trends in engagement rings and wedding sets focus on diamonds and other precious gemstones. Many women today prefer diamonds over all else and are now opting for a diamond ring with a wedding band as well. The most popular cuts for diamonds are solitaire, cushion, baguette, princess, emerald, marquise, and oval.

Another trend that is common today is to customize engagement rings and wedding rings. A bride who is not satisfied with the standard ring that came along may opt to get their partner’s initials engraved on the inside of the band. In turn, the groom will also have his initials engraved on the inside of the band. Alternatively, the bride and groom could each have their birthstones or special stones engraved on the inside of the band. In addition to the personalization of the ring, couples are choosing to add diamonds to their engagement rings and wedding sets. Couples may choose a heart or other gemstone or pair of diamonds on either side of the band or on either side of the wedding band.

The price range for diamonds for engagement rings and wedding sets are between two hundred and five hundred dollars. Diamonds are no longer restricted to only being worn by the bridal party. Nowadays, men are choosing to wear diamond engagement rings as well. Many men are opting for a single stone or a diamond pave setting for the ring, while the band may be made from white gold, platinum or silver.

Brides-to-be may also be considering having both an engagement and a wedding set. While it would make more sense to purchase separate rings, the bride-to-be could also opt to purchase both rings at one time so that she will be able to wear her engagement rings while she is also wearing her wedding ring. Prior to deciding on this idea, though, it is important for a bride-to-be to carefully consider what she will need for her wedding and how many engagement rings she will need to wear on that day. This will help her to make a good decision about the best type of ring to purchase.