Top Dab Rig Brands

If you are looking to purchase a dab rig, then it is important that you are aware of the best brands on the market. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as design, portability, price, and quality. The following are some of the top dab rig brands.

Beta Glass Labs is a relatively new dab rig brand, but is rapidly gaining a reputation for putting out high-quality products. Their products are handcrafted and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They offer excellent filtration and value for their prices.

MAV Glass is another quality American company. Their rigs have a vintage look and offer a wide range of price points. These dab rigs are ideal for those who prefer the vintage style. However top dab rig brands, they do require a little more maintenance.

A glass oil rig is a popular option amongst consumers. They are typically made from thick borosilicate glass, and offer a wide range of colors and sizes. This type of rig is popular for shattering.

Nexus Dab Rigs are also a good choice. These rigs are built to provide a smooth experience while letting smoke cool throughout the process. In addition, they come with accessories such as recyclers and banger hangers. Whether you are looking for a basic rig or a dab rig that is designed to last, these rigs are a great choice.

Termini Tubes is a unique dab rig. This brand is known for its ergonomic designs and low price. It does not stock inventory, so it is essential to order ahead of time.

ELEV8 Dab Rigs are high-quality rigs, which are available at a reasonable price. Those who are just starting out might want to try an e-rig. Unlike traditional dab rigs, these rigs are heated electronically, which means you don’t have to worry about using a torch. You will also have more control over the process, since you can turn the temperature on and off.

Terp Tubes’ Ball Rig is one of the most popular dab rigs on the market. This rig is one of the smallest, with a height of eight inches and a three-inch base. As a result of its small size, the vapor does not lose flavors or odors. Plus, it is easy to clean.

Grav Labs Double Decker Circuit Rig offers superior cooling and filtering. This rig features splash guards and has a double-decker design for better percolation.

Another great choice is the Terp Tubes Klein dab rig. It comes in four different colors and is made of borosilicate glass. It features a disc perc, a ball, and a third joint for pulling. All of these features help to ensure a perfect pull every time.

For people who are interested in a smaller dab rig, the Mini Chugger is a great option. The Mini Chugger comes with a small perc attached to the downstem. This helps to cool hits while promoting flavors. It is ideal for those who want to discreetly dab on the go.