What You Should Know About Genesis Regenative Medicine

Genesis Regenative Medicine was introduced in the 1970s, first used by an American Doctor named Arthur H. Wolf. He had been practicing homeopathy for over thirty years and was developing what would become known as the ‘Three Treatments’ for those suffering from hair loss. Three treatments are used – a rinse, cream and hair Growth Solution. Let us look at these in more detail.

The rinsing of the hair Loss Solution is done after washing the scalp with salt water. Then the doctor covers the head with a plastic cap and gives it twenty minutes to soak in the solution. During this time the cap should remain on to prevent salt from evaporating into the hair loss solution. Next the doctor uses a nitrate-free tablet to apply to the scalp. This tablet has proven to be more effective than the nitrate-based tablets.

It is very important that this be done with the patient fully clothed. The doctor may even smudge some of the solution on the patient’s skin before applying it and only does so if he or she is fully satisfied with the result. Within twenty-four hours the hair loss should have stopped. However, it may slow down as the body begins to adjust to the new hair growth pattern.

The cream is applied to the scalp, which should then be covered with a plastic cap. This should remain in place for up to six hours and then removed. During the first week, it is very important that no pressure is put on the area where the cream is applied. This can cause scarring, which is why the doctor will monitor the condition during this time.

During the second week, normal hair growth should resume. However, if there are no further changes or improvements, the doctor may recommend the use of the Hair Growth Solution. At this point the patient will most likely experience mild hair loss that is not alarming, but should be monitored by the doctor in order to determine if any further hair loss should be treated using Genesis Regenative Medicine.

Of course, no treatment can stop the hair loss condition. However, many people who have experienced Genesis Regenative Medicine have found that the regimens help to restore their hair to its natural state, and they no longer need to worry about their appearance. Regrowth for all sufferers is possible, and it can be achieved. However, treatment should always start with a check-up by a professional to determine the cause of the condition.