Why Eye Exam’s Is Important

Eye exams

Eye exams are very important to let your doctor know what is going on in your eyes. Many times there are problems with our vision, but we don’t know that they are vision related until our eye doctor makes the diagnosis. During your eye exam, the doctor will look at your eyes and will do a variety of tests in order to determine what is going on with your eyes. It is important that you are comfortable with the entire process of the eye exam and that you fully understand everything that is being covered.

Eye exams are usually one of the first things that your eye doctor will perform when you come into the office. When he or she does an eye exam, he or she will look carefully at your eyes to see if there is any sign of unusual activity. He or she may even do some quick tests to make sure that there are no problems. Your eye care professional will also discuss the results of the eye exam with you and will explain what they are looking for in terms of vision loss and other problems that may be related to your eyes.

There are many reasons why eye exams may be necessary. If you have had a lot of eye damage over the years, it could be an indication of a problem that will need to be addressed. Your doctor can check to see if the damage is to your eyelids or to other parts of the eyes.

Vision problems, such as blurred vision, halos and blind spots, can be signs of health problems, including macular degeneration. These problems can greatly reduce your ability to see things clearly and can even cause problems while driving. With these types of vision problems, the eye exam can alert your optometrist to the potential loss of your vision. It will also let him or her know if the loss of your vision has been gradual and if the loss has been stable, or if it has been fluctuating. This will help to determine whether the loss of your vision has been related to age, disease, illness or some other cause.

A more common reason for eye exams is to make sure children are developing appropriately. Children who are born with reduced vision can benefit from having their eyes checked. These children usually go on to have normal and successful lives if they get regular eye exams. Of course, having regular eye exams is always important no matter your age.

Eye exams are very important. Even if you think you can avoid an eye exam, it is a wise idea to do so anyway. Eye doctors can spot problems before they become more serious. Regular exams can help to prevent the need for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you do have eye problems, talk to your eye doctor to determine what eye exam is right for you.